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UTM firewall, unified security features that guarantee protection, visibility and availability for companies, with plans that fit your budget.

UTM Firewall

Through modern UTM Firewall capabilities including Firewall, Web Proxy, Captive Portal, VPN etc, the product provides real-time visualization of proxies for proactive corporate digital security management. Access more details about the product (Datasheet).


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Traffic Prioritization

Ensure the conscious use of the internet through the application of QoS (Quality of Service). Greater user satisfaction and return to the organization.

Link monitor

Failover of multiple internet links and distribution of loads and services. Evolve and ease the way you set up and use alternative paths to the internet.

Captive portal

Provide wifi access to visitors safely and without the need for human intervention. Release the accesses by collecting cadastral data, voucher or social login.


Appliance, software and virtual appliance, choose the best platform to your business reality.


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