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About the program

Expanding through strengthening local economies is the big proposal behind the OSTEC Partner Program. We develop companies so they can leverage their businesses through complete information security solutions.

With the Reseller Program, we decentralize technical and commercial operations, qualify our channels and enhance the capillarity of our solutions, being closer and closer to customers.


Our Partners are grouped into categories, and these are segmented to meet different interests, related to the format of market exploration, intended by the partner.

Business Indicator: Partners that direct their efforts in the development of commercial activities, not acting in the design and support phases.

Solution Provider: Partners that act both in the development of commercial activities and in the execution of technical activities related to the project and after-sale.


Levels serve as drivers for the maturation of Partners in the program. With the evolution in levels, the Partner will have access to differentiated discounts of mapping, as well as facilities related to the cooperative marketing, market reserve and transfer of customers.

The levels of the program are organized in:

Register | Professional | Corporate


The development of competencies is part of the process of building knowledge within the Program, being segmented based on the markets served by the OSTEC portfolio.

The Partner has full autonomy to develop the skills of its team, commercial or technical. Visit our Portal and discover how to broaden your knowledge.

In the OSTEC Partner Program competencies are developed according to the objectives of each business. Partners define the strategies for entering the market, and OSTEC provides subsidies to consolidate the technical / commercial knowledge needed to start the activities.

The process of developing competencies is cyclical and gradual, allowing Partners to recycle their knowledge whenever necessary. In addition to the monthly training schedule, common to all Partners, OSTEC promotes the development of customized trainings, meeting the specific demands of the channel.

Each Partner will be able to define their training strategy focusing on the competencies most relevant to their business. The participation in capacities counts points for evolution in the levels of the partnership, and for score of the sales campaigns, characterizing an excellent form of earning points.

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is a tool developed to assist the management of commercial prospecting activities, including maintenance of prospect data, opportunities, proposals, acceptance terms, contract drafts, management of commissions, and other essential resources for the maintenance of the product sales cycle and other activities associated with the program.

Become an OSTEC Partner

Benefits and Advantages

Market expansion
Possibility of market expansion, through the diversification of offered product portfolio.

Progressive financial gains
Margins that increase by the amount of business developed. Partners are able to reach great profit margins regardless of category.

Market entry
Digital security is a market in expansion. Being part of it with an easy and solid solution can open great doors.

Product tailored for SMBs
Over 95% of companies are SMBs. Offering a solution that fits their exact need is a truly competitive advantage!

More opportunities

Certification Program
The certification program provides Partners a new knowledge acquisition format, fully aligned with market needs, based on the OSTEC portfolio of products and third-party solutions widely used in the technology segment.

Networking in IT Market
Increase networking in the IT market with an emphasis on information security through participation in events developed or sponsored by OSTEC and its collaborators.

Differentiated business conditions
OSTEC Partners have access to facilitated purchasing conditions and flexibility to opt for the most convenient billing model for each deal.

Partners that achieve commercial goals, demonstrating commitment to the partnership, will be eligible for the market reservation process, which guarantees exclusivity of products sales in cities / regions of interest to the partner.

Resale Model
OSTEC will benefit Partners that are prominent in the development of the partnership, passing on opportunities generated through direct prospecting actions, as well as retargeting customers seeking the direct sales channel. This position is part of the development plan of the Partner Program, which foresees strengthening of indirect channels, seeking the commercial and technical decentralization of operations.